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10 South Superhit Movies That Beat Bollywood

10 South Superhit Movies That Beat Bollywood

Entertainment desk: The world has come to a standstill due to the Corona crisis. The film industry was paralyzed like all other fields. He influenced Indian cinema. However, last year last year the rhythm returned to the Indian box office. It all started in the hands of southern cinema. Several South Indian and Bollywood films have been released this year. Bollywood films face this competition, judging by box office and reviews. According to IMDb – Bollywood has been dominated by southern films throughout the year. They released a list of 10 movies, in which a Bollywood movie got a spot. This event is about the top ten Indian films.

Triple R

Allu Arjun’s standout ‘Pushpa’ is bringing back the Indian box office beat. It was released in theaters on December 17. As the film was released at the end of the year, the film was also screened in theaters for a long time this year. Rashmika Mandana starred alongside Allu Arjun in Pushpa: The Rise directed by Sukumar. With a budget of Rs 220 crore, this Telugu language film earned Rs 350-373 crore.

The Kashmir Files
Vivek Agnihotri produced ‘The Kashmir Files’ about the expulsion of Kashmiri scholars from Jammu and Kashmir in 1990. The film starring Anupam Kher was released on March 11. After his release, he got involved in a big controversy. According to IMDb report, it is the only Bollywood movie to make it into the top 10 Indian movies this year. With a budget of Rs 15-25 crore, the film earned Rs 340.92 crore worldwide.

Kannada Yash movie actor known as “Rocking Star”. He gained special fame by starring in the movie ‘KGF-Chapter One’. Its sequel “KGF-Chapter Two” or “KGF Two” was released on April 14 this year. Fan interest in this long-awaited film has not ceased. This movie took the box office by storm after its release. This Kannada-language film with a budget of Rs 100 crore grossed Rs 1200 to 1250 crore.

Triple R
‘Triple R’ is the much talked about movie directed by SS Rajamouli. The movie starring Junior NTR and Ram Charan was released on March 24 this year. It took the box office by storm after its release. With a budget of Rs 400-450 crore, this movie earned more than Rs 1200 crore.

The popular movie ‘Vikram’ directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. Kamal Haasan, Vijay Sethupathi, Fahad Faasil and others starred in the film. The action-thriller genre film was released on June 3. The Tamil language film topped the box office after its release. The film broke the Rs 200 crore club five days after its release. With a budget of Rs 120-150 crore, this film earned Rs 400-450 crore at the box office.

Sita Ramam
This year’s highlight film is ‘Sita Ramam’. The film starring Dulquer Salmaan, Mrunal Tagore and Rashmika Mandana was released on August 22. The setting of the romantic drama genre is Kashmir in the 60s. This Telugu film is directed by Hanu Raghuvapati. The film with a budget of Rs 30 crore earned Rs 91.4 crore at the box office.

Popular Kannada language film ‘Kantara’. This film directed by Rishabh Shetty was released on September 30. After its release, it topped the box office. The film with a budget of Rs 16 crore has grossed over Rs 400 crore worldwide. This film moved the hearts of the public, not just at the box office. Rishabh Shetty played the central role in the film. The actor also wrote and directed the script for the film.

Director Shashi Kiran Tikka produced the film “Major”. Adibi played the central role in this biographical action thriller genre film. This popular Telugu movie was released on June 22. This film with a budget of Rs 32 crore earned Rs 62-64 crore at the box office. It is also popular with audiences and critics.

Rocket: The Namby Effect
Indian actor Ranganathan Madhavan. Although he gained popularity with South Indian films, he later acted in many popular and commercially successful Bollywood films. He has also produced and directed films. The movie ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’ produced and starred by him was released on July 1 in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada languages. This film received a lot of praise from audiences and critics. The film with a budget of Rs 25 crore earned Rs 50 crore at the box office.

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Ponyin Selvan: One
The popular movie ‘Ponyin Selvan: One’ directed by Moni Ratnam. This Tamil language film is set against the backdrop of a tumultuous period of the Chola Empire in the 10th century. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan played a dual role in the film. Besides Aishwarya, a host of stars from the southern film industry starred in the film. This list includes Vikram, Trisha Krishnan, Prakash Raj and others. The film was released on September 30. This film with a budget of Rs 169 crore earned Rs 496 crore.

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