16 bands in Band Music Fest


16 bands in Band Music Fest

Today’s dream was woven by legendary band star Ayub Bachchu. He wanted there to be a day in the heart of Bengal, which will be called ‘Band Music Day’. He gave a concert for a long time on December 1 in the premises of Channel I to establish this day. Bands from different generations participated in the concert titled ‘Band Music Fest’.

Four years after Ayub Bachchu’s death, his dream has come true. On October 26, Channel I and Bangladesh Band Music Association (BAMBA) jointly announced December 1 as “Band Music Day”. Now is the time to celebrate the day. For this purpose, the biggest concert of the year will take place on December 2nd.

This concert titled ‘Band Music Fest’ will be held at Dhaka Military Stadium. 16 groups including Bamba will perform songs. No other concert this year has seen the participation of so many groups. Ganbangla organizes the concert with Channel I and Bamba.

Vishal will perform ‘Nagar Baul’, ‘Renaissance’, ‘Miles’, ‘Wharfage’, ‘Orthheen’, ‘Artcell’, ‘Feedback’, ‘Souls’, ‘Dalchut’, ‘Viking’, ‘Obscure’, ‘Cryptic Fate ‘, ‘Untitled’, ‘Maqsood and Dhaka’, ‘Pentagon’ and ‘PowerSurge’.

Speaking about the concert, Bamba’s secretary, Sakib Chowdhury, lead singer of ‘Cryptic Faith’ group, told the Bangla Tribune, ‘Bachchu Bhai initiated it. Now the event will go full scale with the addition of Bamba. Another thing is that there is no official recognition of band music in Bangladesh. Bamba is not included in any government or state-level culture event or discussion. But the most vibrant thing about Bangladeshi music is group music. We are not invited to conferences, we still have to ask permission from the embassies of other countries to give concerts in the field of the arts! We therefore hope, thanks to this group music day, that we can create an official space.

Shakib Chowdhury could not say anything for sure if a tribute will be paid to Ayub Bachchu during the mega concert on December 2. However, he commented, “There will definitely be a discussion about Bachchu Bhai. There is supposed to be a press conference, there will also be talks. But I still don’t know what will be made of him separately in the tribute. Although he is not alive, he will certainly be involved in the event, his family will be invited. It is impossible to avoid it. It was possible for him.

Meanwhile, the sale of concert tickets has already started. Tickets are available on the Getsetrock website (, priced at Rs 500.

The gates to the stadium will open at 12 p.m. on December 2. After that, the main part of the concert will start at 2:15 p.m.

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