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18 at the airport, death is there too


18 at the airport, death is there too

Mehran Karimi Naseri, an Iranian citizen, on whom the famous director Stephen Spielberg shot the film “The Terminal” in 2004, died. He lived at Galle airport in Paris for 18 years.

According to a BBC report, Naseri started living in a corner of Charles de Gaulle airport in 1988 amid diplomatic unrest. He remained there continuously for 18 years. Eventually, however, he was granted residency in France. He died last Saturday.

He returned to the airport only a few weeks ago, AFP news agency quoted an airport official as saying. This time he didn’t have to stay there.

Mehran Karimi Naseri was born in 1945 in Khuzestan Province, Iran. He went to Europe in search of his mother. He spent a few years in Belgium. He traveled to several countries, including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany, but due to a lack of valid immigration documents, he was deported from these countries. Then he went to France. He started living there in terminal 2-F of Paris airport. There he placed his belongings and cart around a bench and made lodgings for himself. Naseri spent her days there reading books and newspapers and writing life stories in notebooks.

This story was taken up by the famous director Stephen Spielberg. Directed the movie ‘The Terminal’. Mehran Karimi introduced Naseri’s life story to the whole world. The film stars popular actors Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

After the film’s release, journalists thronged to Galle airport to interview Naseri. Naseri introduced himself as “Sir Alfred”. At that time, he used to give 6 interviews a day, according to local newspapers. Naseri obtained refugee status in 1999 as well as the right to stay in France. In 2006, he was admitted to hospital due to illness. After spending the money earned from the movie ‘Terminal’, he started staying at a hostel. At the time of his death, several thousand euros were found on him, said the airport manager.

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