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24 years since the death of the hero Jasim


24 years since the death of the hero Jasim

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Jasim is the hero. Photo: Collected


Jasim is the hero. Photo: Collected

The hero Jaseem will remain in the minds of Bangladeshis as long as the film exists. As flawless as he was in the action scenes, he was outstanding in the portrayal of suffering. Because of this, he is deeply marked in the minds of the public.

Today is the 24th anniversary of the death of the late freedom fighter Jaseem. He died on October 8, 1998, following a cerebral hemorrhage.

Latest news on Google News Daily Star Bangla channel.

FDC has “Muktijoddha Chitranayak Jasim Floor” named after Nayak Jasim. This superstar hero fought in Sector 2 of the Liberation War in 1971 under the command of Major Haider.

Jaseem’s first movie is called “Devar”. He first played the role of a hero in the movie ‘Mokabela’. Acted as a villain in over 70 films. He appeared in over 120 films as a hero.

Jaseem’s notable films include—Devar, Rangbaaz, Dost Dushman, Maheshkhalir Banke, Barood, Badla, Kasai, Bahadur, Ek Mutho Bhaat, Sundari Asami Hajiz, Pratihinsa, Maan-Shamman, Laili Majnu, Najma, Gaddar, Sabuj Sathi, CID , Love in Singapore, Expedition, Outrage, Rain, Fog, Promise, Again and again, Target, Innocent, Selfless, Cruel, Husband’s orders, Two painters, Love fight, Hero, Enmity, Brother my brother, Trust, Mastan Raja, Surrender, Swami Ken Asami, Girls are Human, House of Love, Murder, Subjugated, Lat Sahib, Kalia, Vijay, Chhota Bau, Jiddi, Omar Akbar, Blood Revenge, Chir Stru, Lakshmi Samsar, Lalu Mastan, Tiger, Kaja Beti Rahima & Heroes of Bengal

The name of Jasim’s first wife is Sucharita. The second wife is Nasreen, the daughter of Purnima Sengupta, the heroine of Bangladesh’s first film “Mukh O Muksha”. This couple has three Sami sons, Ratul and Rahul.

He was born on August 14, 1950 in Buxnagar village of Nawabganj, Dhaka. His full name is Abul Khair Jasim Uddin.

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