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3 songs by Kana-Rizvi

3 songs by Kana-Rizvi

Musician Rizvi Waheed became the topic of public conversation with songs ‘Chokherei Palke’, ‘Jada Tumi’, ‘Roddur Benge’. In 2012, her first solo album “First Dream” was released.

After that, he released several more music videos. He received praise from the public.

Most popular songs sung by Rizvi are duets. In this sequel, this time he sang three songs with the daughter of popular singer Dilshad Nahar.

Two of these songs were written by Rabiul Islam Jiban, one was written by Shahan Kabandh. Bappa Majumder composed and composed one of them. Another is composed and composed by Masum Wahidur Rahman. The other is composed by Nazir Mahmood. Music composed by Mushfiq Leetu.
The recording of these songs ended recently. All songs are arranged with words of love.

Regarding the songs, Rizvi Wahid said, “I have been working on these three songs with Kana for several days. It feels good to have recently finished recording. All three songs are arranged in words of love and love. Listeners will get the atmosphere of love even in the words-tune-music.’

On the other hand, Kana said, “Rizvi Wahid is a music-mad man. I like the fact that he sings despite his busy schedule. I gave voice to three very beautiful and melodious songs with him. Words are made by good people. I hope the public will like it.

Rizvi Wahid also said that beautiful videos of the three songs will be made. Then, the song-videos will be released on YouTube in stages this year.

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