4 heroines will be seen in a series, there is a big surprise


4 heroines will be seen in a series, there is a big surprise

Entertainment Desk: Four heroines in one series. Trina Saha, Ushsi Roy, Swastika Dutta, Ananya Sen. The new web series of ‘Hiichi’ is coming. However, the name of the series has not yet been decided. Screenplay written by Sahana Dutta. Director Suman Das. However, this is not the first time that more than one actor has been in the same movie or series. But for the first time, the public will see these four actresses together. According to sources, audiences will see all four in a different way in this thriller series.

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Anandabazar Online contacted Ananya Sen regarding the new series. He said, “The four actresses will be seen in a completely different way. My character here is much more mature than what audiences have seen me before in movies and on the small screen.

The filming of the series will take place in different districts of Kolkata. The new series will be announced soon. Trina’s “Kharkuto” series has just ended. Apart from that, Trina will play an important role in Arindam Sheel’s new movie “Iskabaner Bibi”. On the other hand, Swastika recently completed the dubbing of Windows Production’s new movie Fatafati. A few weeks ago, his star ‘Johnny Bonny’ was released.

But actress Ushsi Roy is absent from the small screen for now. Already played in a bunch of webseries. ‘Byomkesh’, ‘Chorabali’, ‘Vidya Sagar of Sundarbans’ – this new series is going to be added to this list. Viewers also got to know Ananya. Audiences saw it in a different way in Mainak Bhowmik’s ‘Ekannavarti’. In this new series, how much the chemistry of the four actresses is there, to see now.

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