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49 of the season


49 of the season

Popular actress Moushumi has entered the 49th fall of her life. Thursday (November 3) was his birthday. On this occasion, Wednesday evening afternoon, she cut the cake with her husband Omar Sunny and her two children Fardeen Ehsan and Faiza. Actor Omar Sunny shared photos and videos of his wife’s birthday celebration on his Facebook handle.

He wrote in the caption: “Happy birthday Priyadarshini, may Allah subhanahutayala keep you healthy, take good care of your family. I am also a loving person on your birthday, everyone will pray for him. Happy Birthday Mousumi.’ He was born on November 3, 1973 in Khulna. Moushumi is the eldest daughter of father Najmuzzaman Mani and mother Shamima Akhtar Zaman. He entered the cinema in the early 90s.

Her sweet smile and magical gaze made Bengali moviegoers swoon. He has retained this fascination for many years or even now. Some call her the evergreen heroine, in the eyes of other Priyadarshini. Nearly three decades of innings still hold their own with the bat. However, with the time change, there has been a change in the bustle and image. However, sometimes it seems that his appeal has not diminished in the hearts of devotees. His journey begins with “Doomsday to Doomsday”.

She is one of the most successful heroines in the history of Bengali cinema. The actress who gave many hit and successful films received three “National Film Awards”. The actress is currently under contract for a film called “Jam”. It is directed by Naeem Imtiaz Neyamul. Apart from that, he did the filming and dubbing of three films. These are “Bhangan” directed by Mirza Sakhawat Hossain, “Deshantar” directed by Ashutosh Sujan and “Sonar Char” directed by Zahid Hossain, produced with government subsidies. Apart from this, the actress is going to work in two other new movies named “Chhitmahal” and “Kanagli” directed by Zahid Hossain.


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