5 Websites to Earn Academic Writing


5 Websites to Earn Academic Writing

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There is no comparison with the practice of writing in university life. Whether in class or outside. In addition to academic knowledge, the hand pen can also be sharpened. But not just students, many also choose academic writing as a career. In addition to the freedom of working from home and being able to write about your passion, it can be very enjoyable for those interested. There are websites where academic writing assignments are available very easily.

writing stream

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For those who need a helping hand with academic writing, this website is very helpful. It’s easy and free to hire writers. This process takes 24-48 hours. Once the author account is approved, one can start writing and earning income from it. It is possible to earn $4 per page for beginners and $12 for experienced ones. Topics can be selected based on writing skills and can be written part-time or full-time. It is possible to choose the work according to your own pace. Other than that, any issue can be resolved through live chat from its support team. There is also a mechanism for giving feedback to the writer from both editors and clients, through which skills can be improved. Authors are typically paid twice a month through Pioneer and PayPal.

come shark

It is possible to get a job on this site within a week by passing a test. For students with writing skills, this website can earn a living or even pay tuition. It is possible to work on the subject of your choice. Job details can be discussed directly with the client. Apart from bi-monthly fees, Eshark also offers various bonuses based on customer feedback. This will require the timely submission of good quality work.

Among the best academic websites, it works with professional writers and researchers. The website takes 24-48 hours to approve the author’s request and can start operating as soon as approval is received. There is a lot of work available due to the global network. There is also a 24-hour support service if you have any problem.

Additionally, this website provides job-based promotion opportunities, which also increases the stipend. Besides academic writing, proofreading, editing, presentations are also available here.

Throw Hop

There are several areas of work at Lancer Hop. It hires academic writers as well as specialists in web development, publishing, web content writers, writers, and bloggers. Its recruitment process is similar to other college websites. You need to create a profile first, then you can start working by passing the exam.

This website has a dashboard system, through which the author receives work. Payment, completion information, and editing are organized here. The website also has the option to choose flexible deadlines separately for different time zones.

University research

There are good earning opportunities on this website by doing academic writing. The registration process requires applicants to pass an exam. Once the account is approved, work can begin at the “Normal” level, where a reward of $3 per page is paid. These are all high school and college level writings. Writers can promote themselves by advancing step by step. As the quality of writing increases, so does the fee. This site offers a variety of thematic articles. Here too, the honors are awarded twice a month.


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