8.30% home loan with interest rate! Bank of India offers great profit opportunities – Bangla News18


8.30% home loan with interest rate! Bank of India offers great profit opportunities – Bangla News18

Kolkata: Banks in India are increasingly offering interest rates on loans. And therefore, the middle-class citizen has a crease of thought on his forehead. Many people are concerned about rising interest rates, especially on home loans. The Reserve Bank of India has raised the repo rate several times leading to higher interest rates in almost all banks.

Bank of India has come up with the best competitive interest rate in this situation. This State Bank of India “Star Home Loan” will retain its interest rate of only 8.30%. Accordingly, the interest rate will start at just Rs 755 per lakh Rs in the case of a home loan at this rate within the affordability of ordinary people. Customers can avail this scheme from Bank of India in exchange for their home loan from other banks. The client will benefit from an additional advantage in the event of a home loan. Ordinary people enjoy three benefits: low interest rates, easy cash, and tax breaks.

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This offer can be used for any purchase of land or construction of a new house, purchase of an old or new apartment or renovation of an existing apartment or residence.

But keep in mind that the Bank of India Star Home Loan can be taken out for up to 30 years. That is to say, it must be repaid within this period. The offer also provides different EMI options for different periods of the loan term to maintain the customer’s ability to repay. In this case, no compensation shall be paid for prepayment or partial payment. Borrowers can benefit from a tax exemption on interest paid and installments. Not just home loans. Bank of India allows all types of loans. This Indian public bank offers various benefits keeping customer convenience in mind.

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Among these loans are the complementary loans and movable loans of the Bank of India. The offer can be used at all functional branches of Bank of India. The loans are granted to the client under a very simple and fast approval process.

For more details, click on this link, or contact the bank directly.

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