90s actress Mrinal Kulkarni’s look has completely changed, check out her latest photos


90s actress Mrinal Kulkarni’s look has completely changed, check out her latest photos

Once upon a time there was a series called Sonpari at the height of its popularity on the screens of the Indian television world. This series was a huge attraction for children of that time. Sona aunty was the main character in this series. Basically, the story of this series revolved around him. Aunt Sona was the children’s favorite person at that time. But after the end of this series, this Aunt Sona has not been seen anywhere. Over time, many series have also occupied this place. As a result, Sona Aunty, the main character of this series, immediately disappeared.

Let us inform you that the actress who played the role of Sona Aunty was Mrinal Kulkarni. Later, we also saw her as a brand ambassador for Vico, a popular beauty brand. She is actually a Marathi actress and has been a force to be reckoned with in the Marathi industry for many years. Her performance in the TV show Marathi Swami was critically acclaimed. There she played the role of Peshwa Madhavrao’s wife.

Also in the Marathi industry, Srikanth has starred in TV shows like The Great Maratha, Hasraten, Draupadi, Meerabai, Teacher, Khela and Sparsh’ etc. Her performance in some Boli Dunya soap operas is also appreciated. However, you will be surprised to know that Mrinal Kulkarni, the popular actress in the television world, never wanted to be an actress in her life. After getting his master’s degree from the University of Pune, he wanted to pursue a doctorate in philosophy. But then he got an acting offer.

He couldn’t refuse this offer. Since then, he has moved into the world of glamour. She became a famous actress of that time by starring in several soap operas. Apart from acting, he has also done directing work in his personal life. His director’s film ‘Ti Aur Ti Aur Farzand’ was a hit in cinemas. Also starred in movies like Made in China, Kuch Mitha Ho Jaye, Hum Deewana Dil in Boli Duniya. But now it doesn’t look like before. After being away from the world of cinema for many years, he starred a few days ago in the film ‘The Kashmir Files’.

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