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A brave woman roams the streets with a lion


A brave woman roams the streets with a lion

Jumbagla Office: People always want to know the unknown and to see the unknown! Anything that surprises always attracts people. Social media pages are now a repository of these amazing facts.


This world page of the net has become a very close medium for everyone from eight to eighty years old. Every day, new stories arise here, seeing what ordinary people get rid of the boredom of the whole day. Recently, such an incredible incident made noise on the pages of Netdunya.

Common people keep many kinds of pets at home; Dogs, cats or various birds are also seen among them. But did anyone ever think that a lion would become a pet! This has been true recently. In a video that has gone viral, a woman is seen walking down the street with her pet lion. Everyone was surprised to see such a scene.

But the woman was obviously not afraid of the lion; Instead, the female is very slow, patrolling the lion with a chain around her neck, and the lion enjoys the female’s company quite calmly.

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Naturally, such a scene gained popularity on social media pages. The video has already crossed 91,000 views. However, various contrary comments appeared in the comment box of the video. Someone said, “It’s a crime to tie a chain around a lion’s neck.” “Best to keep wild animals in the wild,” said another.

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