A daughter spoiled by a fanatical father


A daughter spoiled by a fanatical father

Actress Archita Prasthia is a very outspoken girl in real life. However, he has been praised for playing multi-dimensional roles on screen. This Prasthiya was now playing the role of a girl spoiled by a great man. We will see him in such a role in a web series called ‘Makal’.

Prasthia said, “I played the role of a spoiled daughter of a great man. If the relationship between the characters is too important, the story will be revealed. I can say that I have never played this role before. Thriller, mystery it’s all there.’

A five-episode web series “Makal” is based on the story of a horrifying hoax. In this series directed by Animesh Aich, besides Prasthia, Intekhab Dinar, Archita Prasthia, Jeetu Ahsan, Hasan Masud, Raonak Hasan, Joy Raj and others have starred.

In the story of the series, it will be seen that the police adopt different methods to catch an accused named Tarafdar. When caught, in the dark of night, a situation arises. The accused has an invisible effect on the police! After the night passed, the police went to the local police station with the defendants in the morning, thick fog surrounded them. Have they caught their defendant, or is this all just a mirage!

Animesh Aich says he wanted to show the story in a different narrative apart from the traditional story.

Intekhab Dinar commented, “This person’s job is to deceive people. Many people were caught in his tricked-out net. Story after story after story of deception. Let the rest be a surprise.

The series will be available on the OTT Bioscope platform from today.

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