A fan surprised Imran in the crowd!


A fan surprised Imran in the crowd!

A concert was taking place on the grounds of Sergeant Zahurul Haque Hall of the University of Dhaka. The whole area, including the pitch, is filled with thousands of listeners. One of the attractions of the concert is current music star Imran Mahmudul. After going on stage, he would sing his popular songs. The fans are also shouting and clapping.

When Imran was singing the song ‘Ohe Shyam Tomare Aami Nayne Nayne Rakhibo’ from the movie ‘Poraman 2’, he was surprised by the act of a fan. A young woman came to the edge of the stage and wanted to give the singer a package. Imran went ahead, got love from the fans. After finishing the song, he took the fan on stage and posed for a selfie with him.

The faithful usually appear under the house with gifts. But no one brings gifts to such crowded concerts. Because there is maximum uncertainty about whether you will be able to reach your favorite star through the crowds of people. Still, Imran was impressed that he brought gifts with love.

Imran told Bangla Tribune about it: “Usually nobody gives gifts at concerts. Because when he buys the present, he also wonders if he can reach me. He wasn’t sure if he would be able to take the stage at the concert; I bought it anyway. This love touched me.

After the concert on October 16, Imran returned home and opened the gift package, which contained a Punjabi and a greeting card.

Imran received this gift from a fan The name of this fan is Nabila Yasmin Monali. He said he drew Punjabi and card designs with his own hands. This young woman wanted to meet Imran for seven long years. Finally this wish has been granted.

Imran’s music is for such fans. One of his new songs comes out this Monday (October 24) night. Which is called ‘Do you love me’. This is the first song from the upcoming movie ‘Adventure of Sundarbans’. Released on the occasion of the birthday of the heroine of the film Parimani. Siam Ahmed romanticized Pari in it.

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