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A film about the biography of an honest policeman, accused of corruption against him

A film about the biography of an honest policeman, accused of corruption against him

The “Khaki” web series is based on the biography of Indian IPS officer Amit Lodha. The series tells how an honest IPS officer resists corruption and suppresses it. It was released on the OTT platform on November 22. It also received a good response from the public.

The sad thing is that while serving in Magadha of Bihar, Amit Lodha took money illegally. And it was alleged that he made a web series about his biography with that money.

India TV reported in a report that a complaint was recently filed against Amit by the Special Vigilance Unit. It was said in the complaint that Amit Lodha earned money illegally. And he conspired to launder that money. A complaint has been filed against Amit under several sections of the Indian Penal Code.

According to the complaint, Amit Lodha is not a professional writer. Wrote a book called “Bihar Diaries” to cover up his criminal activities. Also used the book to earn illegally and hide it. ‘Khaki: The Bihar Chapter’ was created for the same purpose.

Amit Lodha’s wife, Koumidi Lodha, has also been charged. The production house has signed a deal with Kaumidi for Rs. Through it, efforts are being made to make black money white. At the time of signing the contract, Koumidi’s account was credited with Rs.49 lakh. Then regularly huge sums of money were transferred to his account. It is alleged that this work was done with the intention of making Amit’s black money white. A complaint was also filed against Koumidi for this.

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