A glimpse of Alia in Hollywood


A glimpse of Alia in Hollywood

Alia Bhatt is the daughter of Bollywood’s influential Bhatt family. But not because of family influence, he made his mark in the Mumbai industry with his talent. Although it got off to a rocky start, it gradually proved itself and won the hearts of audiences and critics alike. This young actress is making her Hollywood debut beyond Bollywood.

Alia worked in a Hollywood film for the first time. The name is “Heart of Stone”. Its first preview was released on Saturday, September 24. Alia Bhatt appeared there in amazing form. Hollywood stars Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan were seen with him.

The film is produced by Tom Harper. This film was shot a few months ago. Alia took part in her filming while she was pregnant. He was later praised by co-star Gal Gadot. The two became good friends while working.

The first look teaser is done a bit differently. It contains amazing scenes from the movie along with commentary from the actors. Alia Bhatt played the role of Kaya Dhawan in the film. On the other hand, Gadot is in the role of Rachel Stone.

Speaking about filming while pregnant, Alia Bhatt said, “I was very careful while filming this action movie. But everyone helped me in such a way that the work becomes very easy and comfortable for me. I will never forget their sincerity.

“Heart of Stone”, an action thriller, will be released on Netflix next year.

First look at the teaser link:

Source: Indian Express

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