A group of young women from Japan created a storm by dancing to Bollywood songs

A group of young women from Japan created a storm by dancing to Bollywood songs

Entertainment desk: In today’s era, social media has become an important medium for today’s generation. Many use this social media as a tool to show their talent in front of thousands of people. You also get the results.

The loud-dance-with-the-storm

In today’s era, it doesn’t take long for something to go viral on social media. What if a talented person wants to transmit his talent from any part of the world to everyone! Then he succeeded. Needless to say.

In a recent viral video, a group of young Japanese women can be seen dancing to the tunes of Bollywood hit songs. They have been seen dancing in similar clothes in the open air. All were dressed as school uniforms, but this can be understood by watching the video. Right now, this video has gone viral on social media. This is the video again for everyone, watch it.

One of Bollywood’s hit songs is ‘Kaala Chashma’. Siddharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif have been seen on the big screen to the beat of this song. Recently, a group of young women danced through the streets of Japan to the tune of this song. But it is clear from them that they are skilled enough to make such videos.

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In addition, they perfectly master the making of such videos. This recent video of them was shared from a popular Instagram page called “The Quick Style”. At this time, their video has reached many netizens. Lots of people have praised it, but it’ll be clear if you keep an eye on the comment box. It has been proven once again that music has no language.

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