A month after the departure of Aindrila, Sabyasachi is finally in public at the end of the year, how is ‘Bamakshyapa’?

A month after the departure of Aindrila, Sabyasachi is finally in public at the end of the year, how is ‘Bamakshyapa’?

Bangladeshi office: The year 2022 has not been very good for the world of entertainment. Actress Aindrila Sharma (Aindrila Sharma) left everyone in tears at the end of the year. He started 2022 without cancer. He started playing again. After spending the whole year well, he suddenly suffered a stroke in November. Aindrila breathed her last after a long struggle.

Sabyasachi Chowdhury, who was close to the actress, has gone into hiding since her death. He locked himself in the hospital during Aindrila’s illness. Sabyasachi was also seen at the actress’ funeral. But since Aindrila’s departure, he has also entered into a kind of anonymity.

Sabyasachi finally came out on the last day of the year. He was present at the end of the year party at his café ‘HODOLS’. Sabyasachi opened this cafe with actor friends Saurabh Das and Divya Prakash. ‘HODOLS’ is not old. Aindrila was also around the cafe. He chatted with everyone in this cafe several times from the day it opened.

The end of the year night could have been different if Aindrila had been there. Sabyasachi couldn’t imagine that the company he was with at the start of the year wouldn’t be by his side at the end of the year. He had been hiding for so long. But the friends didn’t let Sabyasachi be alone on the last night of the year. He was seen at the cafe with Saurabh and Divya.

Sabyasachi is no longer the mustache and beard look. He was seen in a casual clean-shaven outfit, a plain sweatshirt and jeans. Netizens are happy to see Sabyasachi back after so long. However, his pale face in front of the camera did not escape anyone.

Since Aindrila’s departure, there has been no news from Sabyasachi for a month. He spoke briefly with only one media outlet. But recently, rumors swirled that Sabyasachi was going back to work. Star Jalsa’s next series “Ramprasad” where he will return in front of the camera.

Rumors inside Telepara say that Sabyasachi will be seen in the lead role of the “Ramprasad” series. Although the rumors are true, nothing has been announced by the channel about it. Sabyasachi could not be contacted. Aindrila Sabyasachi fans, however, want the buzz to be real. With Aindrila’s memory, Sabyasachi once again turned his attention to work.

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