A passenger shares his experience of flying in an empty plane » Amrita Bazar

A passenger shares his experience of flying in an empty plane » Amrita Bazar

A man traveling from Sydney to Fiji has described what it was like to be on a ‘ghost flight’ after boarding a plane and realizing he was the only passenger on board.

Passenger Robbie Allen has shared the horrific details of his empty leg flight last January when hundreds of passengers failed to show up for the flight.

Ghost flying is industry slang for routes that fly at less than 10% of their passenger capacity – but Mr Allen’s four-hour experience was particularly eerie as he was the only person on board.

The experience was “terrifying at first”, but the star treatment from Virgin Australia staff made up for the terrifying feeling, he said.

“I was literally the only person on the whole plane,” Mr Allen said in a TikTok video that has been viewed almost 900,000 times.

“The captain came, sat next to me and talked to me. The staff gave me everything I wanted.

The route is normally operated by Virgin with a Boeing 737 with a capacity of 275 passengers.

The flight attendants, Mr Allen said, were particularly attentive, bringing him a bowl of snacks and a glass of sparkling wine.

“I’ve already booked business class, but if I didn’t I would have it for free,” he said.

“I wish I hadn’t already paid for business class,” he added in the caption of the video.

The flight was his “private jet”, Mr Allen joked to the audience.

“I literally have the whole machine. He added, I’m the only passenger.

“For my birthday. I’m vip

“It was such a bizarre and strange experience that I will never forget.”

Mr Allen also showed off his only suitcase when he arrived in Fiji, where it stood alone in the baggage claim hall.

“I was the only person on the plane, so he was alone there,” he said.

According to commentators, misfortune is only a “dream”.

“I used to cry because I was happy. It’s a dream,” said one. “Lucky.”

“It’s literally a dream come true!” I am. I am introverted,” added another.

Others noted that airport workers would also be delighted with the deal, saying it was “a ground crew’s dream”.

“I was moving from seat to seat every minute,” joked another commenter.

There was some skepticism that Virgin Australia would cancel the near-empty flight rather than operate it, but that was quickly overruled by an airline insider.

“Those who said they would cancel flights, they didn’t. There will be a full return flight from Fiji, so the plane should be there,” they said.

Mr. Allen replied that there were 27 people waiting for the return flight.

Inside No Utes was originally released as “Ghost Flight” with Virgin Australia

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