A photo of a very intimate moment with Ranveer goes viral, Deepika compares Katrina

A photo of a very intimate moment with Ranveer goes viral, Deepika compares Katrina

Bangladeshi office: Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif are among the famous Bollywood actresses for their catfights. Both are in a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor. After falling in love with Deepika, Ranveer turned to Kat. And because of this, the enmity began between the two actresses.

These two Ranveer exes practiced their relationship and split on a regular basis at one point. After being in a relationship with Deepika for a long time, the actor surprised everyone and changed his path and fell in love with Katrina. Deepika Katrina’s feud started since then. Even Deepika didn’t leave her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend.

The incident goes back several years. At that time, Ranveer was in love with Katrina. Suddenly, photos from the two’s personal vacations went viral on social media. Kat was seen in a red and white bikini in the photo. Ranveer was with him. But they weren’t happy at all as the photos of personal moments went viral.

Katrina unleashed a furor on the media. Annoyed by the intrusion into privacy, the actress released the statement and expressed her displeasure. He also called for an end to surveillance of stars and not to release private photos.

Katrina was accompanied by her ex-boyfriend Salman Khan and her boyfriend Ranveer. But Deepika was waiting for this opportunity. With sharp sarcasm on Kat’s behalf, he said, “That’s what happens when you’re a celebrity.” However, that never happened with him. No one else can be blamed for this. You need to be more aware of yourself. Deepika hit Katrina in a way to steal her lover.

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