A piece of cloth on the chest, on the beach with which Nusrat spreads the heat


A piece of cloth on the chest, on the beach with which Nusrat spreads the heat

Entertainment Office: Nusrat Jahan went on vacation with her husband. He shared the photo on social media from there. That too in a bikini. A piece of cloth on the chest. A scarf is tied around the waist. Nusrat shocked everyone in a colorful bikini.

Nusrat is always funny. Millions of devotees flock to them. She became a mother last August. But is that somehow understood by seeing the heroine? Within a few months, he lost weight and returned to his previous appearance. Thus, the so-called “perfect figure” is displayed on social networks.

Nusrat Jahan’s husband Yash Dasgupta also shared photos from the beach. The hero wrote: “I was born for such days”. And the heroine wrote: “Let the waves rise, whether in the hair or in the sea”.

Yash shared the photo wearing blue sunglasses and a white t-shirt. Although they didn’t reveal exactly where they were vacationing, the hashtag does contain the word Foreign Vacation. But August 26 was the first birthday of Nusrat-Yash’s son, Ishaan. So is this C-Vacation on the occasion of the child’s birthday!

During the 2020 lockdown, the relationship between Nusrat and Yash suddenly came to the fore. Then the news came that the actress was pregnant. She is still known as the wife of Nikhil Jain. After that, the actress claimed that her marriage to Nikhil was illegal. go to court The verdict is also in his favour. Then during an interview during the puja, Yeshai accepted the father of his son. Even on the actor’s birthday, the husband showed the relationship with a photo of a cake written on it. Now, of course, there is no protection. Together they raise two sons (Yash also has a son from his previous marriage).

Source: Hindustan Times

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