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A piece of joy in the life of Shakib-Bubli floating in the waves of sadness

A piece of joy in the life of Shakib-Bubli floating in the waves of sadness

Shabnam Bubli entered cinema through the hand of established hero Shakib Khan. They managed to pair up in one movie after another and gained popularity. They get involved with each other in real life outside of the on-screen relationship. This relationship went from love to marriage. The child also arrived.

Although those happy stories are now a distant past. Because, Shakib has clearly stated that Bubli is not a present person in his life. A wall of distance has existed between them for a long time. Although they didn’t say it directly, many people believe that Shakib-Bubli broke up.

New good news came in the life of Shakib-Bubli as a result of this separation-sadness. No, it’s not a personal matter, their movie “Leader, Aimie Bangladesh” was cleared for release.

The Film Censor Board gave the film full clearance last Thursday (December 22). Along with this, praise is also added. Filmmaker Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar, board member, said, “It’s an action, romance and social genre film. There is also the question of patriotism. The members of the censorship committee found the film enjoyable. The public may also like it.

Not only Shakib-Bubli, but the fans are also happy with this news. Because for a long time no significant progress was seen in any of Shakib’s new projects. One after another, ads came in, but they didn’t start working. Some movies are finished, but there are no release news. Fans consider the release of “Leader” a bit of a relief.

Shakib-Bubli in the scene of 'Leader, I am Bangladesh' ‘Leader, I am Bangladesh’ directed by Tapu Khan. He mainly produced plays. It is his first film. So try to get the movie to theaters as soon as possible. Although the release date is not yet finalized. He could not give precise information on this subject. He said production company Bengal Multimedia will announce the release.

Misha Saudagar, Shahiduzzaman Salim, Subrata, Samu Chowdhury, Masum Bashar, Milli Bashar, Preeti, Rimu Reza Khandkar, Shimanada etc. also starred in this film with Shakib-Bubli.

Shakib and Bubli at different times with their son Veer Incidentally, Shakib Khan and Bubli got married on July 20, 2018. Then Shehzad Khan Bir was born into their family on March 21, 2020.

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