A star couple buys a luxury apartment in Dubai (VIDEO)

A star couple buys a luxury apartment in Dubai (VIDEO)

Actress Tejaswi Prakash and Karan Kundra are lovers in the Bigg Boss house. On this reality TV show, overnight relationships develop but most end up breaking up. Apart from that, Karan Kundra was in a relationship with another person before Tejaswi. As a result, many could not fully trust him. Karan makes love to Tejaswi dispelling all speculation. Currently, they are in a cohabiting relationship.

This time the couple crossed the Indian border and bought a luxury apartment in Dubai. For a few days, this news was flying in the world of the net. This loving couple told netizens how they decorated the luxurious Dubai apartment.

Tejaswi posted a video on her Instagram and wrote, “Welcome to our new home in Dubai. We invested together in the house of our dreams. It is located in the heart of Dubai; Which is very luxurious. Best of all, it’s fully equipped. Because of which we will now pack our bags and fly to Dubai.

In the published video, the whole apartment is beautifully decorated. Which will make anyone’s eyes widen. According to an Indian media, the apartment was bought for 4 crore rupees. Whose value in Bangladeshi currency is 5 crore 5 lakh 97 thousand 294 taka.

Word of this video’s release has spread, now the wedding bells of Tejaswi-Karan are about to ring. Karan Kundra has been heard in several interviews that he is ready for marriage. However, Tejashwi has not been seen to comment very clearly on this matter. Once Tejaswi was shocked by his comment on this. Because he said, he doesn’t believe in marriage, but he does believe in relationships. As a result, only time will tell if this pair will stay that way or if soon all four hands will be united!

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