A zamindar son to a musical saint


A zamindar son to a musical saint

It is difficult for any nation to stand up against colonial domination. This is also true in Bangladesh. Long under British rule and then under Pakistan, Bengalis have struggled endlessly with cultural development. Many have worked quietly to pave the way for the next generation of artists. One such music expert is Ustad Bareen Majumder.

He played an outstanding role in the propagation of Raga and Ukanga Sangeet in the Bengal region. It is said to be a worthy successor to the Agra and Rangila genres. Monday (October 3) marks the passing of the legendary musician. On this day in 2001, he died while undergoing treatment in hospital.

Mazumdar, son of the zamindar. His father Nishendranath Majumdar was a zamindar from Radhanagar in Pabna. He had a deep relationship with music and theatre. Suddenly, Barin Mazumder grew up seeing the practice of cultivation in the family circle. This had a great impact on his later life.

Barin Mazumder’s main goal was not fame, but music. After growing up, the artist settled in the Siddheshwari region of Dhaka. As he used to practice music in this house, he also taught many students. It is known that Barin Majumdar practiced 10 to 12 hours a day.

This habit of practicing music also came to his younger son Bappa Majumdar. Following his father’s path, he also devoted himself to music and enjoyed success. Bappa gave a great mix of classic and modern songs. What made him stand out in the world of music. On the other hand, the eldest son Partha Majumdar also works under the shadow of his father as a musical director.

Since 1965, Bareen Mazumdar has regularly performed ragasongit as a special category entertainer on television. In addition, he served as the Chairman of the Music Affairs Examination Board of Dhaka University.

Barin Majumder was awarded Ekushey Padak in 1983 by the government for his outstanding role in music. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Freedom in 2002. In addition, this talented personality has received honors and awards from various institutions and organizations.

Barin Majumdar left his worthy successor in the world. Those who spread light in art and culture. Besides the path he himself has traveled, countless artists have become pioneers. In this world of music, he will be remembered from generation to generation.

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