Aakash Aath features “Savitri Maa Er Bratakotha” on his popular devotional show “Meyeder Bratakotha”

Aakash Aath features “Savitri Maa Er Bratakotha” on his popular devotional show “Meyeder Bratakotha”

Kolkata: Popular entertainment channel Aakash Aath is bringing a new story “Savitri Maa Er Bratakotha” to its popular spiritual show “Meyeder Bratakotha”.

“Vow of Savitri Mae” is coming

The fourth story of Aakash Eight’s “Meyeder Vratkatha” is about to be released, titled “Savitri Maer Vratkatha”. This witty channel show has already gained a lot of popularity.

‘Vows of Savitri Mae’ will basically shed light on the unknown story of Goddess Savitri. In the story of ‘Banaparva’ from the Mahabharata, Princess Savitri brought back the life of her dead husband from the clutches of Yama with the blessings of Goddess Savitri, wife of Brahma and daughter of Sun. Since then, the names Sati and Savitri have been inextricably linked. Panchasati has come back again and again in various accounts of our scriptures and Puranas. It is said that whenever the world is invaded by adharma, Lord Vishnu repeatedly appears as an avatar to destroy evil and restore religion. Likewise, whenever a woman’s status is downgraded in society, her chastity is not respected, so some chaste women are born into this world with the blessings of Goddess Savitri. Through her actions, she repeatedly reminds us that there is no greater power in this world than a chaste woman.

The fictional narrative backdrop of the series is “Savitrigarh”. There is also a thana of Savitri Maa. The main character of the story is blessed by the goddess Savitri. Like Satyavan in the illusion of time, Lavanya’s husband will also fall to his death within a year of marriage. But Lavanya believes she can change the course of her destiny through the brilliance and karma of her chastity. Lavanya is determined to fulfill Savitri’s wish despite life’s storms. By saving her husband’s life, she sets an example before society as a chaste woman. Word of Goddess Savitri’s greatness once again spread through Lavanya.

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Incidentally, the ‘Girls Vow’ program started from the year 2021. Its main objective is to enlighten the younger generation about regional traditions and customs.

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