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Aamir broke down in tears as he recalled the hardships of his childhood

Aamir broke down in tears as he recalled the hardships of his childhood

Bollywood star Aamir Khan’s father, Tahir Hussain, was a film producer. Turning to this topic, Aamir Khan said, everyone assumed that we live a comfortable life. But everyone’s idea is wrong.

In this context, Amir also said, I never broke my father’s identity. I’ve come so far today fighting on my own merits. I had to fight this fight myself. This is known from the ‘Hindustan Times’ news.

In a recent interview, Aamir Khan revealed how his family went through tough times when he was 10 years old. Even after 8 years of effort, Aamir’s father’s movie did not come out. Creditors were calling day and night. Recalling the sad memories, Amir said, we used to hear my dad screaming with people on the phone. He used to tell them, ‘What should I do, my movie is stuck. Tell the actors to give me a date.

Aamir Khan said: “Seeing my father was the most difficult. Because he was a very ordinary person. Maybe he had no idea he shouldn’t have gone into so much debt. He also said producers often don’t get their due because movie tickets are sold on the black market.

Bringing back childhood memories, the actor recalls Mahesh Bhatt giving up on all expectations. Finally, he was surprised to get the money. Amir’s school fees have always been paid despite such poverty. He did, however, say that his mother buys them extra long pants that can be worn for long days.

It can be noted that Aamir was last seen in Lal Singh Chadha which did not perform well at the box office.


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