Aber’s ‘healing’ heals Guatemala’s social wounds

Aber’s ‘healing’ heals Guatemala’s social wounds

Emma said: “I learned a lot about emotional control. Now I feel more confident than before. I also learned to take care of my child from here.

Emma’s story of suffering is not new to the women of Alta Verapaz. Many girls must be victimized there. Emma’s younger sister is also the mother of a teenage victim of sexual abuse.

ADP child psychologist Leslie Poo Soto says, “Patriarchal oppression is rooted in Mayan culture. The women here are involved in the production of cardamom, coffee, cocoa, maize and beans. And the physical strength of men is used to control women.”

Pu Soto said women are generally not allowed to study here. They are always controlled, must obey what men want.

Another woman complained: “The men treated us very badly. But the situation is changing. We also know that we have rights. We must also respect.

For more than four decades, the Chikitita Fund has played a role in reducing poverty, reducing domestic violence, stopping rape and many other crimes. Even this money has been helpful in reducing alcohol consumption among the tribals.

The question for Björn Olvius was, when he wrote the song, did he even imagine that the song would one day serve as a tool to solve social problems?

In response, he said, “I thought the song would be a hit, people would like it.”

In the 43 years since its release, Chikitita’s royalties have been used to help solve some of Central America’s most pressing problems. These range from extreme poverty to domestic violence and rape. The fund has changed the lives of many doctors like Emma or Martha.

But Olvius would never have imagined that the song would bring in so much over the years and that the money would go to so many social causes.

In his words, what one could ask for in a song was the maximum he had.

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