Abhishek quit the show after mocking his father Amitabh, accusing him of exaggeration!


Abhishek quit the show after mocking his father Amitabh, accusing him of exaggeration!

Bangladeshi office: Growing nepotism in Bollywood. For many years, the star followed in her parents’ footsteps in the industry. One of them is Abhishek Bachchan. Although he is the scion of Bollywood’s famous Bachchan family, he never received the respect he deserved. Because he was always seen smaller than Father Amitabh Bachchan.

But after enduring all the trolls about himself, Abhishek got angry when his father was teased. He left a comedy show. Abhishek quit the show after raising serious objections to jokes told by a comedian and stopped filming halfway through. Everyone was shocked by the suddenness of the incident.

We are talking about the new comedy show “Kes Toh Vanta Hai”. Abhishek recently came there as a guest. In a promo for the upcoming episode, the actor gets furious with a joke told by comedian Paritosh Tripathi. Abhishek couldn’t accept Amitabh making jokes.

Abhishek asked director Ritesh and directors to stop filming suddenly. When everyone looked surprised, he said, “This is getting a little excessive.” As long as it’s up to me, it’s fine. But parents should not be dragged. Make fun of me, I’m a little sentimental about my dad. He’s my father, I don’t like him.”

Abhishek stopped Paritosh when he saw the situation was spiraling out of control. He said that often people exaggerate a little more in jokes. A little respect is in order. Saying he’s not stupid, Abhishek left the set in the middle of filming.

But after seeing the promo, many people think it’s all set. Abhishek knowingly acts angry. The real thing will be in the next episode of ‘Kes Toh Vanta Hai’.

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