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Abul Hayat honored for life


Abul Hayat honored for life

Satellite televisions have introduced an artist honor process for all content, including their own dramas and movies. The idea for this type of program originally came from Indian satellite channels. Several chains in Bangladesh regularly organize such awards. This time, Deepta Television is going to award the “Deepta Award 2022” on its 7th anniversary on November 18. For the first time, “Lifetime Honor” has been added to the Deepta Awards. This year, the legendary Bangladeshi actor Abul Hayat is honored with the “Deepta Award Lifetime Honor”.

Also, this award will be given in different categories based on Single and Serial Dramas aired on Deepta Television, Dubbing Series and Single Dramas discussed on Deepta Digital Platform in the past year. The public voting process has already begun.

In 19 categories, viewers can vote for the best dramas and performers according to their opinion. The final winner will be selected taking into account the votes of the public and the judgment of the jury received on the link of the Deepta TV website. The categories and grades of ‘Deepta Award 2022’ are – Single Drama (Discussed Single Drama, Male Actor, Female Actor), Serial Drama (Discussed Serial Drama, Male Actor, Female Actor, Male Supporting Actor, Supporting Actor female), One-Drama digital platform audience survey (drama discussed, performer-male, performer-female), dubbed series (discussed dubbed series, singer-male, singer-female, singer-side- male, female-side singer)) and star presenters.

The “Deepta Awards 2022” will be broadcast live on Deepta TV on Friday, November 18 at 7 p.m. The executive producer of the program is Wahidul Islam Shubhra.

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