Actress Isha Alia was shot dead

Actress Isha Alia was shot dead

Actress Isha Alia from Jharkhand was shot dead on the national road in Howrah, West Bengal, India. Her husband Prakash Kumar alleged that she was shot in the early hours of Wednesday (December 28). Hindustan Times published this news.

Isha Alia was traveling from Rashi to Kolkata in a private car. She was accompanied by her husband Prakash Kumar and their three-year-old daughter. Prakash filed a complaint at the police station. The police also questioned him and came to the scene.

Quoting the statement from the case, a police officer told the media: “The family was heading towards Kolkata in their car. They stopped the car in a secluded place around 6 a.m. Originally, Prakash Kumar got out of the car to answer the call of nature. Just then, three robbers attacked them. When Alia tried to resist, she was shot at close range.

Prakash Kumar is a director. And Isha Alia is a popular actress from Jharkhand. Her best name is Rhea Kumari. But she is known onscreen as Isha Alia. Prakash Kumar said, “My wife was sitting in the car with her daughter. When the evildoers tried to steal my wallet, my wife got out of the car and tried to resist. And then they shot Isha.

According to locals, Kumar walked about two kilometers to seek help as the area was deserted. The injured Isha was rushed to Uluberia Hospital where she was pronounced dead.


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