Actress | Nupur Alankar and her husband stopped being husband and wife 3 years ago dgtl


Actress | Nupur Alankar and her husband stopped being husband and wife 3 years ago dgtl

It has been 3 years since she left her husband’s house. But even harder than that was to give up acting as usual. But pushing aside all worldly happiness, Nupur Alankar prepared himself little by little. Sannyas after that. Nupur has starred in 157 soap operas during her 27-year acting career. These include the popular TV series “Shaktiman”, “Tantra” and “Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiya”. Also starred in movies like ‘Raja Di’, ‘Saawariya’, ‘Sonali Cable’.

When Swami Alankara Srivastava released her from the marital bond, Nupur took Sannyas to the Himalayas in February 2022. There he is engaged in Sadhana. He sold his apartment in Mumbai to meet the expenses of the pilgrimage.

Many are shocked by its austerity. However, there is no way to do this without looking at devotion. Many people believe that Nupur became strict with himself due to depression. But he himself said, it’s not like that at all. But it didn’t break anything.

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According to the sources, the main reason for Nupur’s disillusionment is marriage disappointment. Nupur’s relationship with Srivastava had been strained for a long time. Physical attraction to each other has also diminished. We know they were together after that. tried But the distance was growing. At one point, the two were forced to pull their beards.

Was there another reason beyond that? unknown Will Nupur open his mouth one day? The answer to all fan questions is with him! Before that, everything was a big blur.

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