Actress Shabnoor in New Love Intimate Photos Leaked!


Actress Shabnoor in New Love Intimate Photos Leaked!

Entertainment Office: Shabnoor is a popular Dhaka film actress. This actress of the 90s left the cinema for many years but her popularity has not diminished one bit.
Shabnoor in new love
This popular star, who has disappeared from the arena of cinema, has been living in Sydney, Australia for several years after leaving the country. Even though he is out of the country, Shabnoor has become news headlines even for his small business.

Recently, Shabnoor posted several photos with a guy on his official Facebook page. After the images were posted, they went viral instantly, spreading to various Facebook groups. Netizens believe that Shabnoor may be involved in a romantic relationship with this person.

Dozens of these photos were posted on Shabnoor’s Facebook and Instagram on Wednesday. Where the caption reads “Photo shoot”. In one image, Shabnoor can be seen posing with his head on the person’s shoulder and completely merging with his body. Both have smiles on their faces. Like husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend capture in intimate situations, images are like that.

In another photo, the person is holding Shabnoor with his hand on his neck. In another, the man is seen seated and leaning towards Shabnoor from behind with his hand on the young man’s neck and smiling.

Although Shabnoor claimed the young man was just a friend. However, seeing the images posted on Facebook, Internet users do not want to accept this claim. They comment, No one poses so closely with Just Friends. Many people say that Shabnoor went to Australia and followed the culture of this country, that’s why he took such photos. However, Shabnoor fans are hoping that Shabnoor will reveal the person’s identity. Also open their relationship.

Shabnoor married businessman Anik Mahmud Hriday on December 28, 2012. On December 29, 2013, their son Ayzan Nihan came to their family. It is known that Shabnoor and Anik got divorced in 2020. However, no one has officially revealed anything about it yet.

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