Actress Shruti Responds to ‘Ghostly’ Makeup Rumors

Actress Shruti Responds to ‘Ghostly’ Makeup Rumors

Bangla Hunting Bureau : The creators offer multiple twists in the series to entertain the audience. Sometimes the villain character is more important than the heroine. So sometimes the hero or heroine gets involved in extramarital affairs. But ignoring all this, a completely different twist has been seen in the new series “Ranga Bou” on Zee Bangla.

The series ‘Ranga Bau’ has just started its journey on the screen of Zee Bangla. Gaurav Roychowdhury and Shruti Das play the lead roles. Thanks to this series, the public saw the eye-catching pair again. The series “Trinayani” left enough impression on the audience. The public is in a good mood because the old duo is back.

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Kush-Pakhi got married suddenly. He still couldn’t find his place in his stepfather’s house. On the other hand, she’s a village girl. All in all, the day passes by enough problems for the bird. On the other hand, even if he is a boy from a large family, Kush stays in a corner of the house.

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In the past, he himself arranged the birds for the weddings of the girls of the village. But seeing the way he was dressed in his fiancé’s house had the internet world laughing. The actress is decorated with heavy makeup. The bird got scared when he saw himself in the mirror. As soon as this scene appeared on the television screen, there was a stir in the audience.

Internet users did not back down to personally attack the actress. Many people took to the actress’ comment box and wrote, “The way the actress is dressed in Ranga Bau series, she should be dressed for her wedding.” Not just trolls. Many also supported the actress. He gave a worthy response to the trolls.

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