Adnan Samir threatened to disclose why he had to leave Pakistan

Adnan Samir threatened to disclose why he had to leave Pakistan

Singer Adnan Sami has hinted that he must reveal the names of those responsible for leaving Pakistan and the incident.

He said, “I will tell everyone the reality of what Pakistan has done to me. And many will be shocked by that.”

He wrote a note on social media criticizing his former country. Born in the UK to a Pakistani father, Adnan Sami is currently an Indian citizen.

On Monday November 14, Adnan Sami posted a photo and text on the social media platform Twitter.

He wrote: “Many people ask me, why do I have such contempt for Pakistan?” The hard truth is that I have no contempt for the people of Pakistan who have treated me well. I love everyone who loves me.”

“But I have a problem with the administrators of the country. Those who really know me will also know what this organization has done to me over the years. Which eventually became one of the main reasons for my leaving Pakistan,” he added.

Adnan Sami ended the note by promising to reveal what happened to him in Pakistan. He wrote: “Soon I will reveal this fact. How they treated me is unknown to many, at least the general public. Who will be shocked to know that. I’ve been quiet about it for many years, but I’ll choose the right time to say it all.”

Meanwhile, fans supported the singer after this tweet. Many say, “The Indians are with him.”

Another tweeted: “You are the pride of India, Adnan. Delight the world with your music.

Adnan Sami renounced his Pakistani citizenship and became a citizen of India in 2016. In 2020, the Indian music legend was awarded the country’s fourth highest civilian honour, the Padma Shri.

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