Adrija Roy was criticized for her outfit

Adrija Roy was criticized for her outfit

Entertainment desk: Adrija Roy is a well-known face in the Bengali television industry in Kolkata. Adrija Roy has been harshly criticized for exposing herself in a bikini while traveling abroad.

Adrija Roy

Apart from acting, he also talks about his personal life. Colors Bangla’s “Mou Ere Bari” ended a long time ago, the actress was seen in Star Jalsa’s Vikram Betal. But now it’s over. After that, the actress was not seen in any new series. For now, he is enjoying the break without the pressure of shooting.

Meanwhile, she is one of the popular actresses in Kolkata. Her ensembles are heavy on fashion statements. Recently, Adrija was caught in a pink monokini during a photoshoot. With red lipstick on her lips, Adrija looked stunning with her hair open. Everyone will be impressed by its attractive appearance!

This time, the actress caught the eye by catching this look, and also explained that she looks beautiful too. That is, Deepika’s controversial song “Beshram Rong” was playing in the background. Adrija is now at the center of the controversy by making a reel video of this song. The comment box was completely filled with taunts after seeing such a look from the heroine.

Someone wrote: ‘Why is it necessary to wear this? Take it off’. Someone sarcastically wrote again: ‘This woman has talent, she can take her clothes off’.

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Many body shamers still wrote: “Bikini on the body like a bamboo stick, you can think of”. However, Adrija did not respond. Instead, she filled her profile with bikini pics. The actress went to the Maldives for the New Year holidays. From there, several vacation photos now dominate Adrija’s Instagram.

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