After 19 years, the face of light saw this song!


After 19 years, the face of light saw this song!

About an autumn afternoon in 2003. Singer Mamunur was returning home to Mirpur with his friends after leaving the Shah Newaz Hall of Fine Arts. The words humming along the way become songs! Then a line from Nirmalendu Guna’s poem ‘Jatra Bhang’ entered the song. Later, however, the line remained in the song with the poet’s permission.

This is how the song ‘Sada Megher Bau’ was composed. Who was born after 19 consecutive years on October 4th. Posted on YouTube channel titled Mamunur’s song.

Apart from Nirmalendu Guna’s lines, his two friends Maiful Azam Tutul and Russell teamed up with the artist to compose the lyrics for this song. They also set the tone. Then Tutul died in a road accident. This song is therefore dedicated to Tutul. At the beginning of the song, Mamunur wrote – ‘Your emptiness is burning’.

The clip was officially released on Tuesday October 4 in a musical café in the capital. The video was produced by Rimon Razzak.

Singer Milan Mahmud was present at the release event. He said, “Mamunur gave expensive content in this cheap time. Manunur’s song will set a unique precedent in this era where everyone goes beyond art and turns to non-poetic lyrics, tunes and music in hopes of getting more views.

The visuals of the song being shot at various locations in Bandarban are mesmerizing. In this context, videographer Rimon Razzak said, “I’m a fan of Mamunur’s songs. I worked on this clip with special care out of love.’

Artist-composer Mamunur said the poet was unable to attend the event due to illness. But good luck.

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