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After 25 years, Cameron revealed the startling information from the movie ‘Titanic’

After 25 years, Cameron revealed the startling information from the movie ‘Titanic’

James Cameron shares some amazing facts about the making of his hit movie ‘Titanic’ to celebrate 25 years since its release.

In a video interview with GQ, the world-renowned director said, “I actually didn’t see Kate that way at first.” Although he has done several historical dramas. And while doing these historical dramas, she became famous as “Corset Kate”. Casting Kate Winslet for Titanic might not work. That’s what I thought. But in the end I agreed to meet Kate. Then, the impression I had of Kate was extraordinary. The rest is history.

On the other hand, there have been contacts with DiCaprio. Interestingly, when DiCaprio met me, the girls from the production office entered the conference room in different outfits. DiCaprio was then invited back for a screen test with Kate. Then Kate was chosen.

But when DiCaprio learned he had to read the script and test their romantic chemistry on camera with Kate. I was surprised then. Because the duo’s ‘Romeo Juliet’ had already received a good response.

Later, DiCaprio came along, Cameron added. I thought it was to meet Kate. But when I asked them to stand in front of the camera and perform for a while, DiCaprio hesitated. I then explained to them the enormity of the project to come. How the movie is going to take two years out of all our lives. And I don’t want to ruin this huge project by making a bad casting decision.

So if you don’t audition, you won’t be part of this movie. That’s what I told DiCaprio. Hearing this, DiCaprio agreed despite his reluctance.

Cameron still remembers how DiCaprio lightened the character of Jack. The film created a chemistry with Kate that has remained a permanent fixture in the minds of audiences even 25 years later.
The widely discussed and popular movie Titanic was released on December 19, 1997. Then James Cameron set a record by winning 11 Oscars.


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