After 27 years, Jewel told the story of ‘Andhakar’

After 27 years, Jewel told the story of ‘Andhakar’

Hasan Abidur is the first and main identity musician of Reza Jewel, despite appearing in several areas. There was a time when Chutie sang, from the recording studio to the stage. However, he hasn’t entered the new music arena for a long time. Although he keeps music with him every moment of his life.

Jewell has sung many songs over a long career. Her favorite song is “Aar Chai Dhankam”. With lyrics by Syed Awlad and music composed by Bappa Majumdar, the music is composed by legendary rockstar Ayub Bachchur. It is the title track from Jewel’s third solo album, released in 1995.

After 27 years of release, Jewel once again brought the song to the public. With new provisions. Just combined his full voice with the piano. He also told the story behind the creation of the song.

Ayub Bachchu composed all the songs in the album ‘Amar Chai Dhankam’. Only the title song is composed by Bappa Majumdar. AB completed the musical composition of the 12 songs of this album in just two days. Because there was a post rush on Eid.

Jewel said: “The album will be released on Eid day, but somehow the boss (Ayub Bachchu) couldn’t find the time. I had an idea. I told the boss he told everyone that he is going abroad for 4 days for a job Only Chandana Bhabi and Aunty will know that you are in Dhaka The thought, the action We settled in a hotel in Shantinagar. Boss, me, brothers Tutul and Fanti (drummer). The work started with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. The boss takes every word, in tune with the guitar. Fanti Bhai recorded all layers of the rhythm section and the Tutul keyboard on the music sequencer.’

By the afternoon of the second day, 11 songs were completed. What remains is the title track, which was already composed by Bappa Majumdar. But Jewel didn’t have the courage to tell Ayub Bachchu that. Abi’s earnest response after being told in fear, “Do you think I can’t do another good song now?”

Then Ayub Bachchu listened to the demo of the song at Jewel’s request. Likes after listening; He laughed and said, “The music and lyrics are very good, Zulu! Totally for you. let’s do it Bappa ke kal de eta’.

Describing the moment, Jewel said: “Bappa was found at home on the landline. The boss praised him a lot, then said ‘Bappa, give me the music for this song’. Bappa told the other side that there was no doubt. I said ‘Either you do it, otherwise this song is not necessary’. The boss took over the guitar. This is how my favorite song ‘Amar Chai Dhankam’, composed by Ayub Bachchu, composed by Bappa, was created.”

The new piano version, however, was made seven years earlier. Jewel made it in 2015 courtesy of Ayub Bachchu. Recently, he released the song on his YouTube channel as a lyric video.

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