After 8 months of marriage, Rusa left everything and started a new life

After 8 months of marriage, Rusa left everything and started a new life

Entertainment desk: Like last year, wedding season is over. At the beginning of the new year, not a single wedding news came from Tolipara. But longer to wait. It’s not too late to get married in Sanai Bazar. This time actress Rusha Chattopadhyay will do seven tours. He will finish the good job this month.


Rusha is a very popular small screen actress. He starred in several soap operas. However, Rusha is still popular for the role of Ushsi in the “Toma Amay Mile” series. The serial lovers have long expressed interest in knowing when he is getting married. Next January 19 is that date. That day, Rusha will go from Miss to Mrs.

The name of the actress’ future groom is Anuran Roy Chowdhury. No, he is in no way associated with the theater world. He is a software engineer by profession. Paternal home is Ashoknagar but husband is NRI. living abroad How did he hear from Russia? The two talk, love or when?

Rusha told the media that they were getting married after just eight months of dating. But he liked Anunar the first time he saw him. So it didn’t take long. Now the actress is busy with last-minute preparations. But actress Takma also calls him Ghuchal.

A banana will satisfy the hunger of three meals

Yes, Rusha is bidding farewell to the world of light cam action, breaking the hearts of fans. In fact, after marriage, she also goes abroad with her husband. So he has to say goodbye to comedy too. Rusha himself said that he has been working in this industry for 13 years. Now is the time to leave everything and enter a new life. Rusha is going to start a new run of personal life keeping Ushsi in the public mind.

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