After James, Tahsan and Oishi


After James, Tahsan and Oishi

There is a group called “Classroom” on Facebook social networks. Its members are mainly students of the SSC-2001 batch. In the age of the Internet, thousands of boys and girls from all over the country have joined here. The purpose of the group is to maintain mutual links and to share joys and sorrows. Every year they organize a meeting. Where there are cultural episodes with various segments.

Legendary rock star Nagarbaul James performed on “Classroom’s” anniversary last year. Young people who had left their colorful youth rejoiced in his songs. This year the batch completes 21 years. On this occasion, they organize a special event on October 28th.

This time, the group’s program will be hosted by music star Tahsan Khan and singer Oishi. The event will take place at the Bashundhara International Convention Center. It will feature a variety of entertainment, including music from ‘Classroom’ member DJ Rafael Mursalin.

The owners of “Classroom” said, “We enjoyed James’ song last year. It was an unforgettable story for us. This time, we hope to have a new experience in the songs of Tahsan and Oishi.’

Tahsan told the group members, “See you on October 28. I will do all my favorite songs. Hopefully it will be a pleasant event.

On the other hand, Oishi said he always loves such events. Where friends chat with each other and applaud with joy. The singer will adorn the stage with some of her popular songs.

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