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After seeing the apocalypse in my dream, I repented and stopped playing: Anna


After seeing the apocalypse in my dream, I repented and stopped playing: Anna

Entertainment desk: Once popular actress Nahida Ashraf Anna. This actress who starred in almost half a hundred films has long ceased to act. He is now busy with business as well as family.

About the sudden stop of movies, Anna said, I decided to stop acting after seeing the apocalypse in my dream. I immediately repented and will never act again.

He added, I have always loved acting. Maybe I quit for a reason. Currently, I am very satisfied with the salon business. Because here I not only work with make-up, but also as a female entrepreneur.

Anna said, “I worked more with Manna Bhai, Dipjal Sahib, to star in the film.” Also worked with Shakib, Riaz, Ferdous Bhai. You can say I’ve worked with everyone from Zayed Bhai. On the one hand, I’m very lucky. Everyone loved me so much and I respected everyone. I have no enemies, Alhamdulillah.

Commenting on the criticism of celebrities’ personal lives, the former actress said, “When I hear bad things about one of my co-workers, I feel really bad. Before, people couldn’t find out so much about them. the personal affairs of the stars. But now, thanks to social networks, everyone knows that the problem is there. My only request is that seniors and juniors keep their personal lives secret. Let everyone highlight the profession. My best wishes to all.

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At that time, regarding Anna’s makeover, he said that Anna’s makeover and beautification school worked to advance backward women. We made it a school. Just as children learn at school, here too we have made-up lessons. I am very happy to come into this profession. I like to decorate people since childhood.

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