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After seeing the song in Bobby’s article, the public demanded a refund

After seeing the song in Bobby’s article, the public demanded a refund

After uploading the song titled “Chalao Guli” to Facebook and YouTube, some liked it but the public’s response seems to be negative.

Underneath the video shared on Bubli’s page, a viewer named Saiful Islam wrote, “15 years ago I was watching this song in the movie theater like this song. No change. Making songs in the same category , the same dance, the same style.

On Cop Creation’s Facebook handle, a man named Prakhar Ork wrote: “The precedents were good. Too rushed, the lyrics didn’t go over well.”
Tarek Al Shanto wrote, “If you can’t make a song, what’s the point of making it? It’s heartbreaking to think that there will be a song like this in such a movie.

“Better songs than this are found in Bappi Simons movies,” wrote Rocky Raj.
Hinting at the fake, Raihan Tajin wrote on YouTube, “Such songs are probably in Kolkata too.”

Also, the audience criticized the song on various topics including words, melody, vocals, choreography, clothes, gestures, dance. Report what I don’t like.

However, there are rave reviews such as “Nice”, “Super”, “Best”, “Fire”.

Bobby was reluctant to dance to the object song for the first time. However, he told Glitz he was happy with the song.

Bobby said: “I didn’t know what to do. Sani Saroar’s brother explained that Pushpa gave an example of Samantha’s article song in the movie. I like this song too. I’ve thought it all out.”

The actress said she finished filming the song overnight.

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