After the suicide of Vaishali Takkar, the family has fulfilled their last wish, to know in detail


After the suicide of Vaishali Takkar, the family has fulfilled their last wish, to know in detail

Mumbai: Vaishali Takkar’s face-hung body was found on October 16. Police found his body in his home in Indore. This untimely death of Vaishali Takkar (Vaishali Takkar Suicide) has left the hearts of the small screen audience heavy. Plagued by various problems, Vaishali made the most terrifying decision of her life. And at that time, there was no one on his side to stop him. A five-page suicide note was found in the actress’ home. Where he wrote many words. The name of her ex-boyfriend and neighbor Rahul Navali was found in the suicide note. Prior to his death, Vaishali had complained of harassment against him. And based on that, Rahul was arrested by the police. Recently, it is known that after Vaishali’s death, his family granted his last wish.

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In a suicide note, ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ actress Vaishali Takkar alleged that Rahul Navalani physically and mentally abused her. The actress was to marry her boyfriend. But as soon as the wedding was fixed, Rahul started harassing her again. And the level of torture reached the extreme and Vaishali could not hold back. He made an extreme decision. In such a situation, her family granted their last wish before cremating the body of the actress.

What was Vaishali Takkar’s last wish?

In a recent interview, Vaishali’s grandfather, Neeraj, said the actress’ dying wish was to donate her eyes. He has expressed this wish to his family on several occasions. And this wish of the actress was granted by her family. Neeraj says, “Vaishali loved her eyes very much. He told us several times that he wanted to donate his two eyes after his death. Ma-keo said the same thing. So, keeping this wish in mind, we donate her beautiful eyes before cremating her body. So that a person can see this world with his beautiful eyes. Neeraj also complains about their neighbor Rahul Navlani regarding Vaishali’s death. He said Rahul used to blackmail the actress and her future husband many times. Rahul did not want Vaishali to get married. He says: ‘He (Rahul) used to threaten Vaishali many times that he would not let you become a family. I won’t let you get married. In the diary, Vaishali noted all the relationships. Rahul used to message the person she was engaged to and threatened Vaishali.

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