After two failed marriages, TV actress Shweta Tiwari advises her daughter palak tiwari not to marry rjk


After two failed marriages, TV actress Shweta Tiwari advises her daughter palak tiwari not to marry rjk

Shweta Tiwari is one of TV’s most stylish divas. Shweta has a huge fan following. He received a lot of love from his fans. Shweta is doing very well in professional life. However, the personal life of the actress has always been shrouded in controversy. Shweta has been married twice. But his two marriages broke up. This time, the actress spoke openly about her experience.

Shweta doesn’t believe in white marriage…

Shweta Tiwari gave her views on marriage during a chat with TOI. Shweta said she doesn’t believe in marriage. He also advised his daughter not to marry Palak Tiwari. Shweta said – ‘I don’t believe in marriage. I say the same to my daughter. Ask him not to marry. It’s his life, he will decide how he wants to live. I never tell him that. But I want Palak to think twice before deciding to get married. If you’re in a relationship, you don’t have to get married.

Shweta also said, “Marriage is very important in life and life cannot go on without marriage let that not happen. Not all marriages are bad. I have many friends who are happily married and I am very happy for them. But I have also seen many of my friends jeopardize their marriage, which is not good for them or their children.

Shweta’s special advice to Palak

Advising her daughter Palak, Shweta Tiwari said – I want to tell my daughter to do what makes her happy but don’t do anything under pressure from society. Some things cannot be left to chance. Because what isn’t right now won’t be right now.

Shweta said this about marriage breakdown

None of Shweta’s marriages were happy marriages. In this context, the actress said – To be honest, I tried a lot to save my first marriage. Because my upbringing or upbringing was to adapt to everything. However, I wasted no time on the second marriage. I knew what had gone wrong would get worse in the future. No matter how hard I try to save. People can be entertained with my personal and professional life. When you stop worrying about them, they won’t have the courage to question you.

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