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Ahmed Rubel Best Actor at the Indian Film Festival

Ahmed Rubel Best Actor at the Indian Film Festival

Legendary filmmaker Satyajit Roy from the subcontinent. Prasoon Rahman produced a tribute film ‘Priya Satyajit’ on the centenary of Satyajit Ray’s birth. The film took part in several international festivals. Cher Satyajit will be competing in the international film category at this year’s Jaipur International Film Festival which kicked off in India on Friday.
Ahmed Rubel, the popular actor in the country, was selected as the best actor in the feature film category at the Jaipur International Film Festival for his performance in this film. In the same category, the film “Fearless Delusion” directed by the young Indian director Rahul Kabali won the “Golden Camel” award for best film. Priya Satyajit also received two other awards in the cinematography and editing categories. Prasoon Rahman said, “Everyone likes to receive an award or love in recognition of any work. But Priya Satyajit was actually not created in the hope of a contest or a prize. Dear Satyajit celebration film. Although it was made as a tribute to the centenary of the birth of Satyajit Ray, it is not a period film either. It is a film to express the love for literature, cinema and art close to life with Satyajit. In Priya Satyajit, Ahmed Rubel played the role of a seasoned filmmaker and Moutusi Biswas played the role of a young filmmaker. Producer Prasoon Rahman wrote the screenplay, directed and produced the film Priya Satyajit produced under the banner of the production company Imation Creator.

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