Aindrila Sharma Health Update: Actress Aindrila Sharma suffers from fever again, know all about her


Aindrila Sharma Health Update: Actress Aindrila Sharma suffers from fever again, know all about her

Kolkata: At only 24 years old, life tests him again and again. Actress Aindrila Sharma struggles every day in hospital. From industry actors and actresses to fans, his loved ones stood by his side through his illness. But to fight with the body? This is purely from Aindrila.

How is Aindrila, many are waiting for this news. Aindrila’s fever subsided yesterday, that is Thursday. And the doctors saw a glimmer of hope there. Talks were underway to change Aindrila’s medication. But Aindrila had a fever again on Friday. He hasn’t fully regained consciousness yet. Aindrila’s body temperature, respiratory status and blood pressure are stable.

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According to hospital sources, Aindrila is still being held on ‘C Pap’ support. The knowledge did not come. The actress is delirious. Doctors still think fever is not a good sign. The rest of the fight is up to Aindrila.

Weeks have passed since his admission to the hospital. He had just returned to work after a battle with cancer. But once again, the disease set in. Actress Aindrila Sharma suddenly fell ill. He was rushed to hospital. Fans on social media wished him a speedy recovery. How is he? Everyone is eager to know the updates every moment.

On the other hand, actor Sabyasachi Chowdhury informed about Aindrila’s health in a long post on his social media last Monday evening. He wrote: ‘Six days in hospital ended today, Aindrila has yet to regain consciousness. But managed to get out of ventilation, breathing is much more normal than before, blood pressure is also quite normal. The fever has fallen. As long as her mother stays, she takes care of her by doing physiotherapy with her own hands. Baba and Didi discuss with the doctors. Sourav and Divya come with me to the hospital every night. And I talk to Aindrila three times a day. Can recognize throat, heart rate reaches 130-140, sweats profusely, wrings hands and tries to hold my hand. At first I was afraid, now I understand that it is the external stimulus that must be brought back. (unchanged)

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