Aindrila’s mother did not regain consciousness even after ten days


Aindrila’s mother did not regain consciousness even after ten days

Aindrila did not regain consciousness even after ten days, her mother's requestAindrila Sharma

Indian television actress Aindrila Sharma did not regain consciousness after ten days. The actress had a stroke on November 1.

Since then, he has been on life support at a hospital in Howrah, Kolkata.

It is known that there was a silver lining in the reduction of the fever. But Friday, November 11, the actress again had a fever. As a result, doctors are concerned about the issue.

An Indian media reported, citing hospital sources, that Aindrila is still under the support of ‘C Pap’. Even after 10 days, he did not regain consciousness.

On Tuesday, it was known that a new infection had again been detected in his body. But he was largely under control with antibiotics. Doctors think fever is not a good sign.

Meanwhile, Aindila’s mother Shikha Sharma asked everyone to pray for her daughter’s health in a Facebook post. He wrote: “For my child, pray to God, God, for Aindrila’s speedy recovery. A mother like me has a calling. ‘

Aindrila was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Tents in 2015. The actress recovered after 16 chemotherapy and 33 radiation treatments in about a year and a half.

On February 23, 2021, Aindrila was diagnosed with a right lung tumor. After that, cancer again took hold of the actress. After a long battle with cancer, the actress recovered and returned to acting.

Aindrila played an important role in “Bhaagad” series after beating cancer. He was due to travel to Delhi this month. As a result, he took time off from filming. But suddenly this heroine fell ill.

Bangladesh time: 2049 hours, November 11, 2022

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