Aishwarya Rai | Aishwarya Rai was Madhur Bhandarkar’s first choice in Heroine no Kareena Kapoor dgtl


Aishwarya Rai | Aishwarya Rai was Madhur Bhandarkar’s first choice in Heroine no Kareena Kapoor dgtl

10 years have passed since the release of ‘Heroine’. Bollywood fans still haven’t forgotten Kareena Kapoor’s performance as Mahi Arora. But Kareena was not director Madhur Bhandarkar’s first choice for the role. It was Aishwarya Rai. But in the end, he was left out. His father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan openly expressed his anger over this.

Madhur had finalized the script considering Aishwarya as the main character of the movie ‘Heroine’. But then you know Aishwarya is going to be a mother. Cut it from the picture and choose Kareena. Kareena held the director’s standards. But Big B did not see the thing well.

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Madhur’s reasoning behind Aishwarya’s exclusion was very clear. In an interview, he said, “It’s not a very ordinary film, which is only made after shooting in a few locations. 40 locations have been selected for the filming of ‘Heroine’. Filming is to be do in a large crowd. The subject of the picture is for adults. Singing, dancing and various scenes in the film require a lot of physical exercise.”

The director made it clear that he didn’t want Aishwarya to take any risks. According to Madhur, “There were several scenes of the main character smoking in the film. The actress could have omitted this scene if she wanted to. But in this scene, other characters were smoking. to fertility.

Amitabh did not take this well. Said in an interview, “When Aishwarya signed the film, everyone knew she was married. So you mean actresses can’t get married, can’t give birth to their children? I don’t think there can be such a condition in a contract, that after signing it, no one can get married, can’t give birth to children. Later, however, Aishwarya settled the matter with the director.

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