Aishwarya Rai | what aishwarya rai said about marriage with dgtl rumor tree


Aishwarya Rai | what aishwarya rai said about marriage with dgtl rumor tree

Aishwarya got married to Abhishek Bachchan in 2007. The media couldn’t even take a look at this highly publicized marriage. So interest was high. A few months before the wedding to the next few months. There was a lot of speculation surrounding the marriage. complain It was heard that Aishwarya was married to a tree in Varanasi before marrying Abhishek. Did it really happen? After a year of marriage, the actress herself responded.

In a 2008 interview after a year of marriage, Aishwarya expressed her displeasure with this rumor. He said he had to face questions about it even when he went abroad. People asked, “Are you cursed?” The interviewer asked, did he have any idea such a rumor could spread? In response, Aishwarya said, “Something was expected. But that doesn’t mean much.”

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After that, Aishwarya said of the marriage to the tree: “There was an exaggeration about it. I think there was no need to do the same. There was no need for all the ink that was spent on this one rumor, all the TV show controversy. As a family, we are very close. Every member of our family is in public day and night. Even after that, we didn’t open our mouths about this incident personally. Instead, I gave this responsibility to the head of the family, the father (read Amitabh Bachchan). It was the father who gave the answer to the press.

What did Amitabh say? Dismissing claims of Aishwarya’s marriage to the tree, he said his family did not believe in such superstitions. Even Aishwarya’s birth chart was not requested by them. After that, Big B said, “Where is the tree that Aishwarya got married to?” Could you please show me Only one of my sons was married to Aishwarya. And Abhishek is definitely not a tree.

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