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Ajay’s wife Kajal is going to become a mother again in the last age!


Ajay’s wife Kajal is going to become a mother again in the last age!

Entertainment desk: Bolligseep is an insight into the personal lives of various celebrities in the Bollywood film industry. Internet users are always on the gossip to find out what is going on in the personal lives of various celebrities. Any incident in the life of a celebrity is a matter of practice for netizens. And no one is excluded from this practice. Recently, such news came to the fore in the para net, about which the rumor spread throughout Balipara.

Ajay Devgan and Kajol, one of the most popular couples in the Bollywood film industry, have been making waves lately. Ajay-Kajal duo has held a special place in the hearts of fans since the 90s. Sometimes you can hear various things about them in netpara. But now we talk about Kajol, we hear that Kajol, 47, is pregnant for the third time. And as soon as this news hit the net, it spread like a storm all around.

As soon as the news of Kajol becoming a mother again reached the ears of netizens, the waters started to be stirred all over the net. But this news started at a party of Karan Johar. During this evening, the body of Kajol’s mother did not escape internet users. And since then, an intensive practice began. Due to which the actress has to deal with a lot of trolling and sarcasm. But will the actress really be a mother?

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In March 2022, Kajol was seen in a black dress at Karan Johar’s party. And seeing her enlarged belly there, many assumed that she would become a mother again. But that was only because of his increased weight. The actress is therefore not pregnant. The story is completely false. As a result, the fact that the actress became a mother for the third time was widely discussed on social networks, but this practice did not last long.

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