Album with 7 songs after 7 years

Album with 7 songs after 7 years

Ahmed Hasan Sani made his debut as a musician seven years ago. In 2016 his debut album ‘Muktnachal’ was released. In the songs ‘Anand Bhairavi’, ‘K ar bajate pare’ or ‘Tumi ki know’, Sunny makes it clear that he did not come floating in the current. On the contrary, he has different thoughts and philosophy in the song. From poetry to songs or deep thoughts intruding into songs, her next journey continues.

After seven years, Ahmed Hasan Sunny has come up with a new album. This year’s project is ‘Loot’. Songs from the seven-song album will be released one by one. The album’s first song, titled “Amra Mahi”, was released on Saturday, January 7, on Sunny’s own YouTube channel. It can also be heard on the Spotify audio streaming platform.

Talking about the new album, Sunny told the Bengali Tribune, “I arranged the album into seven songs like the kind of songs I sing. There will be videos of three or four songs. It’s actually a completely self-initiated album. No sponsors or producers. So you can understand that this is an album that I made with a lot of pain and effort.

Cover of the first song from the album 'Loot' Sunny will release upcoming songs every few days. The release of the entire album will be completed by next April.

Notably, Sunny won the hearts of many people by singing the song “Amare Udaya Deo” in Ghiyasuddin Selim’s “Swapnjal”. Apart from that, he spread the fascination for unique songs like “Plastic doll”, “Dheu”, “Chirakal Naveen”, etc. The latest response to her vocals is a two-song project titled “Shaharer Doi Ta Gaan.” Which is revealed from the Hathirpool session.

It must be said that Ahmed Hasan Sunny is not only associated with the music but also with the production. He enjoys both professions equally. For him, music and production are like his two eyes. Interestingly, he made his official debut in both worlds in 2016. Since then, he gives songs as gifts, regularly does commercials.

album cover Sunny sees her journey like this: “The essence of art is the expression of feelings. So for that, cinema and music are my favorite media. In our country, however, these two issues are considered separately. But in fact they are identical. Say Will Smith and Satyajit Ray, many did more of such a thing at the same time. I also want to continue this effort to present my thinking in two ways.

Incidentally, producer Sunny was last seen last December. He made an advertisement about the singer Masha. Sunny himself also played there.

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